Tests will be open to members of the Club only.  The more who join, the more chance there is of several tests being run.  The tests will be a great stepping stone to the Field Trial world for those who want to go that bit further. It gives you a chance to see how well your dog performs in a more controlled environment and under a certain amount of pressure. It also gives you the chance to see how well you will cope in that same environment.  For those who don't want to get into the trialling world, tests are a great way to enjoy the challenge but without the stress.

As the North East England Spaniel Club is not affiliated with the Kennel Club in any way, your Spaniel does not need to be Kennel Club registered for you to join or enter a test. However, if you do decide to get into trialling through other clubs, your dog will need to be KC registered as KC Trials are not open to non-KC registered dogs.

Membership is not solely for those who live in the North East of England. Anyone with an interest in the Spaniel or who would like to take part in a Spaniel test is welcome to join the club.

Membership costs £7.00 per year. All fees for membership are used to pay for the running of club, everything from hiring ground, website costs, purchasing dummies and other equipment, insurance, judges, trophies, etc.  As membership in year one (and year two) is very unlikely to cover all of these costs, the rest will need to come out of my own pocket. So if anyone has any good contacts for donations of dummies, pistols, etc., or connections with printers for schedule printing, insurance companies to get the best deal possible for the club, ground they are willing to allow the use of for the tests, or anything else, then please feel free to offer. Any help the club gets to really get this going will not be turned away.

Membership can be refused or revoked at our discretion.  We expect all members to behave responsibly and politely toward all other members.  Dogs must be kept under control at all times and not allowed to cause a nuisance to members, members dogs, or the environment they are in.


Tests will NOT NOT BE JUDGED IN ACCORDANCE WITH KC REGULATIONS as NEESC is not affiliated with the Kennel Club.  To make the tests as realistic as possible they will be held as close as possible to the conditions your dog could normally encounter on a shooting day e.g. hunting, retrieving, etc.

If the club was registered with the Kennel Club we would need to comply with stringent rules and regulations and only KC registered Spaniels would be eligible to enter.  This would take away a very large purpose for setting up the club.  So anyone who enters a test must be aware that it is not being held in accordance with KC rules and must decide for themselves if they are happy with this before entering.  Entering or winning a NEESC does not give you any points eligble to be used in any Kennel Club test you may enter.