How To Join                                                               

Annual membership is £7.00 (no joining fee).

Tests - an entry fee will be charged appropriate to the level of test being entered e.g. novice, intermediate, advanced. 
To contact us please either:                                                      

email: ring Kay on 01670-774697. If you leave a voice message we would be most grateful if you could also leave a return phone number for us to ring you back on. Please do not assume that if you ring your number will be stored somewhere and that somehow we will be able to find it. For various reasons this is not always the case, sometimes people have strong accents and we can't always understand their kennel name they leave us with, or if there are several calls, some numbers will be ran over by the more recent call numbers. So please leave a return calll number and we will ring you back as soon as we can (also bearing in mind that as dog people, much of the daylight hours are spent away from phones).

Joining is by email application and payment via PayPal (or cheque). 

If you would like to join the Club, please send an email with -

  • 1. your name
  • 2. your phone number 
  • 3. your address
  • 4. dogs name
  • 5. dogs breed
  • 6. dogs age.  (If you have more than one dog that you think you may like to enter into a test, that's fine, membership is still only £7.00 and you can give us details of all your Spaniels).

Remember, if you join using the PayPal option below, you will still need to email your details to us.